Saturday, January 18, 2014

Mood Repair

Scientists have found that passing ultrasound waves through the brain can improve mood of a person.
Last July, researchers conducted trials on 31 chronic pain patients. The ultrasound probe was held to their heads so as to pass the sound waves for about 30 seconds through the brain. The patients experienced improved mood for up to 40 minutes. This technique can be very useful for those suffering from mood disorders, such as Depression.

Depression is quite common in the world today. About 8 percent of the world population (60 crore people!) are suffering from depression. It is one of the major causes of suicide.
But even for those of us not suffering from any mood disorder, mood plays a very important part. Most of us find ourselves in a bad mood now and then. This negative mood affects our daily life in many ways. It changes our perception of the world. People in negative mood tend to label most things as negative. If you get an email when you are in a bad mood, you will find yourself thinking more about the sender than the mail. The negative mood makes us less energetic, stressed and can interfere with sleep.
Doctors use Mood Repair Strategies to treat mood disorder patients. The name may sound impressive, but the strategies are really common sense, and we can adapt them for our own use. Some useful strategies are:
Recalling positive memories: Usually bad mood makes us remember bad memories. You have to force yourselves to retrieve good memories, such as that first prize you won in school.
Music: Listening to music that you normally listen when you are happy can trigger change in mood.
Social connect: Talking to family and friends can be a great way of getting out of bad mood.
Meditation: If you have learned to meditate, it’s a powerful technique for repairing mood.
Exercise or play: Physical activity releases chemicals called endorphins in the brain, which induce a nice feeling. This can provide the right trigger for improving mood.
Sleep: If you are not getting enough sleep lately, that will be the first thing to correct. A peaceful 7-8 hours of sleep can do wonders.
Humor: Laughter is the best medicine for mood improvement. It increases levels of a chemical called Serotonin, which bring a feeling of contentment. So, an hour of Comedy Nights with Kapil can be useful.
Disclaimer: The Mood Repair Strategies part of this article gives a few recommendations. Please use your own judgement while using them. Also, if you do not want to take recommendations from a non-doctor, please ignore this part.

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