Thursday, June 5, 2014

On Waste Management - from our guest writer

Today is World Environment Day and I am happy to have a guest writer on Yours Sciencely. My friend Aparna Parsekar is trained in Environment Sciences and has even worked for few years in the field. Following is the message from Aparna to all of us:
On waste management:
It is the duty of each one of us to contribute to the effort of reducing garbage. Here are a few things we can easily do:

1. Carry your own cloth or jute bag when you go shopping.
2. Reduce the use of paper bags. Say no to all plastic bags. Reuse
them whenever it is possible.
3. Segregate the waste in the house. Keep two bins and ensure that the biodegradable and non - biodegradable wastes are put into separate bins and disposed off separately.
Remember the four R’s of managing waste.....
- Refuse things that increase garbage
- Reduce garbage by consuming less and throwing less
- Reuse wherever possible
- Recycle.
On conservation of natural resources-
Here are two news from last few days that should worry us all-
1. Polluted Chembur on verge of loosing its last green lung …Mumbai Mirror 5 June
2. Bandra society kills 80 migratory birds while snipping trees …Mumbai Mirror 5 June
Life on earth depends on resources like soil, water and air and energy from the sun. The atmosphere maintains the right temperature for life to exist on the earth. Pollution of air , water and soil affect the quality of life and harm the biodiversity. We therefore need to conserve our natural resources and use them in a sustainable manner. Our father of the nation rightly said -" our environment can provide for human need but not for human greed”.
- Aparna Parsekar

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