Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sleep Inertia

If you are a busy professional, chances are that you don’t wake up naturally, instead an alarm clock wakes you up. There is also a good chance that you feel groggy just after waking up. You might be finding it difficult to do simple tasks like finding a light switch.
There is no reason to worry. This is called Sleep Inertia. It happens because our brains get into the action slowly after we wake up. No matter how much you have slept, there is always some inertia. But it is harsher when you wake up suddenly, like waking up by alarm.
Scientists have estimated that during the first moments after sleep, reduction in brain power is equivalent to drinking four bottles of beer!
This early slump typically lasts for less than 30 minutes. For people like doctors on emergency calls, it is a big concern.
Now there are alarm clocks available that monitor your sleep cycle and wake you up in the right stage of sleep. This can reduce the sleep inertia and make your mornings better. To find out more, just search on ‘Sleep stage alarm clocks’.